We provide a safe and effective private environment for people any fitness levels. no, you don't have to be "in shape" or "fit", it doesn't matter. we can help you as we have helped many, many people. Our clients ages range from 16 to 71; from athletes to sedentary folks! The "fit" level doesn't matter, as we offer private training in a group environment. We truly know our clients. We are a small private boutique studio for a reason. We want you to feel comfortable.

And if you're willing to spend one short month working on yourself, we guarantee that you'll see results!

We've had people lose inches, we've had runners reduce running time, we've had injuries rehabilitated, it can be done! 

We will start our challenge may 1st and end just at memorial day (may 29, 2017).

What's included:

- full meal plan with yummy easy-to-make recipes

- unlimited workouts at our facility

- weekly organized outdoor walks/bikes/runs (weather permitted)

- 10-done-for-you workouts to do anytime anywhere

- before/after measurements (per request)

- rewards for the winner! (measurements must be done for qualification)

- fun!

pricing for the challenge is as follows:

current clients (this is only for current active clients): $149.99

new members: $199.99

bring a friend: 25% off

bring 2 friends: 50% off%

prices will go up closer to the start date, so call today! Space IS limited.

21-day challenge + Bonus week!

(may 1st - may 29th)

*Space IS limited*


Mindset, Exercise, Accountability & Nutrition System.